meet the sitters

LaceaLacea – My name is pronounced “Lacey.” I am a life-long lover of animals, having received my first puppy as a toddler. I grew up in SE Michigan farm country and as the oldest child was responsible for many of the chores, including gathering eggs from the chickens and feeding the pigs, cows, and sheep. In my teens, I had a neighbor who worked nights and raised Great Danes. When one of her dogs was pregnant I stayed at the house and in the middle of the night delivered a litter full of puppies, one of which she named after me! As an adult, I was adopted by a 4 week old Aussie mix named “Lookout Here Comes Trouble” and he’s been with me now for nearly 14 years. Taking care of pets allows me to decompress from my career as a Social Worker at a Children’s Advocacy Center, although providing compassionate and loving care to animals is an easy transition from this line of work. I am available to do vacation visits, board pets in my home, or can stay at your home while you are away. I live in Dearborn and enjoy gardening, yoga, cycling, baking, book club, and getting to know new pets and their humans!

001Darlene – I was born and raised in Michigan and brought up with pets all my life. My husband was in the Coast Guard so I’ve lived all over the country. I eventually settled in Key West with my Cairn Terrier “Pinot Grigio” and my Sheltie “Margarita”. I relocated back to Michigan to care for my elderly parents, and have been with Gentle Pet Protectors for the past few months. I love meeting new pets and caring for them. They give us such unconditional love, they are the best!

Claudia – I had my first dog when I was three years old, and throughout my life have never been without a dog or cat. I met Lisa when looking for a pet sitter, and GPP cared for my dog for several years. I couldn’t believe how much easier it made my life to know that he was cared for with such love when I was out of town or working. After losing my beloved collie, Lisa asked me to join the GPP family. I jumped at the chance to share that same standard of love and care for other animals. My specialty is live-in assignments; I strive to keep your pets in their normal routine in their own homes when their “parents” have to be away, giving them lots of love and attention. Also, you might reach me when you phone Gentle Pet Protectors as I help Lisa in the office. In my spare time, I love to golf, read, travel, cook, sing in my church choir, and spend time with our three granddaughters. My husband Mike and I have been married for 31 years and live in Dearborn.
Maya – I have been sitting for Lisa/GPP for several years now and I feel blessed every time I get to take care of those adorable friends. I visit both cats and dogs and love it all. I am married with two children and a cat named Vinnie whom we rescued from the shelter and really acts like a dog. I have a degree in Psychology and am fluent in two other languages. I grew up with dogs, birds, turtles etc… all my life, but through my son wanting a cat, I discovered that they are truly amazing…Vinnie now is my other baby. I am an animal lover and am looking forward to spending time with your beloved furry (or not) friends.

Meri – I live in Dearborn with my husband and two daughters. My family has a great love of animals and we share our home with Shannon, our 13-year old Lab, Maya our year-old St. Bernard mix, Josie our Golden Retriever, four wonderful cats and a bunny, Rascal. We have always had a houseful of animals and have enjoyed them all. I retired from Ford Motor Company after 25 years. Love of animals has been a passion of mine, and working with Lisa and Gentle Pet Protectors has given me the opportunity to do something I thoroughly enjoy. Pets add so much to our lives, it is nice to be able to give back and offer them the care they so deserve. The unconditional love and appreciation animals give makes my work so rewarding. I have been with GPP for several years, and I specialize in vacation and midday visits.

Robin – I am delighted that I’ve joined the Gentle Pet Protectors team! I live in Commerce Twp. with my husband of 12 years and our two rescue cats “Jinx” 14 and “Batman” 12. Although I am new to GPP, I have watched, walked, cared for, cleaned up after and played with several of my friends’ pets while they were away. I also took care of their homes, watering plants and attending to mail and newspapers. I am experienced in administering medications, both orally and by injection. At GPP I specialize in daily visits, vacation visits, and live-ins. I have loved animals all my life. They have so much love to give and deserve to be treated with their well-being and best interests at heart. Growing up, I had a total of 3 dogs, 2 cats, fish, and 2 parakeets. In my spare time I enjoy doing crossword puzzles, walking, decorating and watching old movies. I am very excited about meeting you and your precious little buddies and I know that my work with GPP is going to be very rewarding!

Dan RDan R – From the time that I brought home a deer head from the woods behind our house when I was 3 and asked my Mom to help me find the rest of her so that we could put her back together and set her free, my family and friends have known of my great love for animals. I’m that guy that all of our friends and family have always called when they needed someone to watch their pets when they went out of town. The one their pets gravitate to when we are together. My wife, Christine and I have been very satisfied clients of Gentle Pet Protectors for the past several years. Prior to a cruise last winter, a cruise that we almost cancelled because we didn’t want to leave our Izzy, a golden retriever/yellow lab mix that we rescued, Lisa met with us, calmed our fears, and provided the exceptional care that we have come to expect from her and her caregivers. After the cruise, I approached Lisa about joining the GPP team and found out just how satisfying caring for other people’s pets can be. I have even cut back (but not that much) on golf. It gives me great pleasure to know that I can help others enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their furry, feathery, and fishy family members are being well cared for in their absence. And Izzy loves meeting new friends

003Angie – I have loved animals all my life & have bonded with them easily.  Since I was young it wasn’t abnormal for a dog to walk up to me out of the blue and it still happens to this day Growing up we had two dogs and a Teddy Bear hamster. Living on my own I had a beagle and two male cats, both strays, all of whom I loved more than I can say. They were my family, my kids. I always wanted to work with animals in some capacity and that’s what I love about working through Gentle Pet Protectors. I love caring for all the animals and helping their human families I look forward to caring for your furry friends! In my spare time I enjoy baking, reading and football – Go Lions!!


fullsizerender-3Shelley – I have been a happy client of Gentle Pet Protectors and am now thrilled to be a part of their caring team! My work background includes marketing, non-profit work and my hobby of selling log homes.  My husband and I are “owned” by Scout, our Bernese Mountain dog.  We lost our sweet kitty Marvin about 6 months ago and we hope to get another shelter kitty in the near future.  Marvin’s diabetes and cancer gave me great experience in administering injections and medicine and I have learned a few tricks of the trade to make it go a little easier.  My love for animals has spanned my entire life and I understand how important it is for them to have great care when their owners are away.  My husband has jokingly said if we had a rooster it would ride on my shoulder.  When we are at a friend’s or a family member’s house, you will find me cuddling and playing with their pets.  I have also helped them with their cats, dogs and rabbits when they have traveled or been ill; they all know to call me.  I truly believe pets make our lives better and help us become more compassionate and caring people.  I look forward to meeting and giving  your pet(s) the best care possible!


TracyTracy – I’ve met some wonderful pets and their human companions since I began working with Gentle Pet Protectors. I enjoy providing pet guardians with peace of mind, knowing their beloved buddies are receiving excellent care. I recently returned to the field of animal welfare as a staff member with Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit, the organization that runs the Dearborn Animal Shelter. I’ve volunteered there for years, and my newest role as such is with the team that traps/neuters/returns feral cats. I once worked in the kennels at the Michigan Humane Society’s Westland shelter, followed by a career in journalism. I live in Dearborn with seven cats, two dogs, and a husband with a heart of gold.

Bob – I have been with Gentle Pet Protectors for several years now, and have been walking dogs even longer. I find it very rewarding working with and getting to know a wide variety of pet types. I live in Dearborn with my Pug, Tonka. Once a month we join other pugs and their owners at the Downriver Pug Group. Come join us if you have a pug (he/she will love you for it)! Years ago I experienced firsthand how much better it was for pets AND their owners to have their pets cared for at home, instead of boarding. Once I tried it I never looked back, and you will love it too! In my spare time I enjoy long rides on my recumbent bike, gardening, and playing Bridge, Pinochle, and Euchre (in that order). I am also an avid photographer. Will I be adding you to my growing list of satisfied Pet Parents?

Cheryl & Don – We have been married for over 30 years and in this time have raised two children and owned many different pets. Currently we have a 13-year old Cocker Spaniel, Ginger, and a 13-year old Shiba Inu rescue, Kaycee, as well as Earl, our 16-year old Cockatiel. One of the most rewarding lessons learned along the way is animals offer such unconditional love and appreciation for the little things in life. After meeting Lisa and learning about the opportunities offered at Gentle Pet Protectors, we thought this would be a great way for us to meet new people and fulfill our passion of working with dogs and cats. We’re very excited to have joined such a well-recognized pet walking/sitting group and are looking forward to expanding the business in the Livonia, Farmington and Novi areas. At GPP we enjoy dog walking and doing visits to dogs and cats while their owners are working or out of town We also do live-in care in your own home. Whether you are working or traveling, we can help!

 LORA – My mom says I’ve been taking care of animals since I was 2 years old.  I agree with her!   I have spent over twenty years as an Animal Control Officer and No Kill Shelter Manager.   My most rewarding work is as a field volunteer for C.H.A.I.N.E.D., Inc  in SW Detroit and Downriver, helping to change the lives of dogs chained 24/7 by educating owners and providing resources to become better dog owners.  I’m happy to now be a part of this great team!  I live in the Downriver area and look forward to providing pet care in the area and meeting you and your pets.

Ruth – I have been with Gentle Pet Protectors for about 3 years and have really enjoyed getting to know all of your wonderful pets. I also work part-time as a TSA Security Officer at Detroit Metro Airport, and have 2 grown children and a 3 adorable grandchildren who I love to spend time with. I pet sit my son’s husky, Aspen, when he travels and my daughter has a Labrador mix named “Scrappy” that visits us regularly. We have had lots of dogs through the years and my favorites were our dachshunds named “Scooter” and “Bruiser”. We raised a litter of dachshunds and it was a thrilling experience for my children. I hope to adopt a small dog in the near future as a therapy dog for my husband. In our spare time my husband and I love to camp, ride bikes, watch movies, and have our grandkids spend the night. So far at GPP, I have had pets stay overnight at my home while people were vacationing. I’m also available to do vacation visits and overnights in your home and hope to expand my pet sitting in Lincoln Park, Southgate and other Downriver communities.

Brandie Perez
Brandie – It has been so rewarding to be part of the Gentle Pet Protectors team! I am a lover of all animals-furry, feathers or scales! I have plenty of experience with various types of animals and they’re actually a huge part of my everyday life! I grew up with dogs, cats, fish, small animals, birds and reptiles! I have three dogs, a cat, and some Glo Fish: Ozzy (The Hyperactive Jack Russel/Chihuahua), Bubba (The Lazy Rottweiler), Fergie (The Crazy Rott and Daughter of Bubba) and Buddy (The Stubborn Tabby Cat). I currently work for Pet Supplies Plus, and have for almost five years now. I also volunteer at my local animal shelter and regularly donate toys and treats! I live in Dearborn- so if you’re around me, you may see me regularly walking my little Ozzy. Exercise has become a big part of my life recently and I am always finding extra excuses to work out! I have been walking and pet sitting for my friends and family as long as I can remember. You can feel confident that your fur babies are in good hands while they’re in my care! I can’t wait to get to know you and your pet(s).

Mary HooverMary – My name is Mary and I have been with GPP for several months. I was a day care teacher for 35 years; I have lived in Dearborn my entire life (so I know it well), married to a Dearborn Firefighter and we have 4 children. We are a Divine Child family, and we share our home with a 9-year old Golden Retreiver named Kaylee and 5 cats. What I’ve enjoyed the most about caring for your pets is the praise and rewards I receive from both the pets and their owners. I guess kids and animals are my true calling, so for me, Gentle Pet Protectors is the place to be!

 Alexis– For as long as I can remember my family always had at least one pet in our home. We have had a multitude of pets, ranging from a horse to a leopard gecko. I currently have two dogs, a cockapoo (Leroy) and a yorkie (Hank), and two cats (Spongebob and Q). I have always had so much love and compassion toward animals, which is why I love my job at Gentle Pet Protectors. Spending time with my pets and client’s pets gives me time to recover from a busy day at University of Michigan- Dearborn, where I am currently a Junior studying Psychology. I have been with GPP for a little over a year and a half and have loved every minute of it!

IMAG00993Jan – Animals have always been part of my life; growing up I had a poodle named Pierre, and after I was married we had a calico cat named Tammy. She was very playful and was always waiting at the door for me when I got home. As our family of 3 children grew, we went to the Humane Society and found a gray tiger kitten we named Striker. I remember when I first held him he licked my neck and a loving bond was formed. We then decided to adopt a dog. We found Bandit, a German Shepherd Husky mix, at an animal shelter. He was the gentlest, most loving dog I ever owned. Our youngest son is special needs, and Bandit was so sweet with him. He knew his calling was as a 90 pound lap dog, and did he love to cuddle on the couch with me! I remember Bandit lying on my lap, Striker on my shoulder, both happy and sound asleep. As Striker aged, he developed diabetes and I learned to administer injections twice a day.
Murphy our black German Shepherd came into our lives five years ago as a rescue. He is a very active, loving dog who keeps me on my toes. I am glad to be a part of the Gentle Pet Protectors team. I have always loved animals, and it is so enjoyable to sit for pets. I would love to meet all the different furry members of your family, and provide them the best care and love possible


Gail – I am thrilled to be a part of the GPP team! My husband and I live in Dearborn Heights, and we have 3 beautiful grown children and 2 granddogs.  Our family also consists of Sammy, my loving 5 year old golden retriever, a “mystical” black cat named Binx, a playful gray Maine Coon mix named Grayson, and an independent white kitty named Daphne. We also own a 22 year old arabian horse named Fuzzbutton who frolics in a pasture all day. I feel so blessed and privileged to have been surrounded by animals my entire life. They have brought me so much joy, and I have always done my very best to care for them. Rest assured I will treat your fur babies as my own, and I am confident in my ability to handle any situation. I stay very active and love hiking with my Sammy. We are always looking for new adventures.  I look forward to meeting you and your pets!



Erin – I live in Dearborn with my 2 dogs Brodie (a Brittany/Golden Retriever mix) and Jack (our best guess is a Border Collie/Flat Coated Retriever mix).  We first heard of GPP as a client and were delighted to have such a friendly service right in our neighborhood.  I have always had a pet in my house until I moved to San Francisco, which is where I started caring for other pets since I was not able to have one in an apartment.  To further spend time with more animals, I volunteered for 4 years at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in SF.  I’m currently employed full time and have a flexible work-from-home schedule, which allows me to have the ability to care for animals as I would care for my own.  I look forward to meeting you and your pets!