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Zoey & Otis Rubio

Mom Jackie says they are a “bipetsual family” now that Otis has moved in — we hope you enjoy their story and darling pictures!

Otis came to live with us when he was four years old because his former owner developed bad allergies with cats. Otis had lived with two dogs before coming to live with Zoey, also four, so he was quite open to being friends with this new dog. Zoey was fascinated from the very beginning. Of course there has been some chasing and some hide and seek. At first we thought that all the chasing was being instigated by Zoey. Later we noticed Otis walking around Zoey while she was sleeping and sniffing at paws, ears, and nose to get her attention. And once again the chase was on!! Otis takes as much as he wants and then slips through his cat door to the basement.

They say that every dog must have a job in order to be fulfilled. Well, Zoey is our cat wrangler!! Otis is bound and determined to get outside whenever he sees an open door. When he is successful, all we have to do is say in a fairly conversational voice, “Zoey, I need your help!” She is on the job! She circles around him or nudges him with her nose until he makes a break for the waiting open door! Curses, foiled again!!