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A Guardian Angel


After taking a break, we are back with our “Pet of the Month” for November.  Hope you enjoy the story of this special guardian angel.

Dusty is a beautiful 20-year old senior citizen who lives in Dearborn.  At the age of 9, he was adopted by Marjorie from Dr. Good at Dearborn Family Pet Care.   Dusty needed to be in a one-pet household and Dr. Good knew that Marjorie and Dusty were the perfect match!

Marjorie tells us that Dusty is truly the “Cat’s Meow” – he is really “purrfect”,  smart and loving. He always knows when the heat goes on because he runs to the register to sit in front of the vent.  He has completely taken over the bedroom; he sleeps curled-up tightly against Marjorie all night and she feels he watches over her like an angel.  Dusty loves “his” bed so much he hates to get up and is frequently served breakfast in bed.

Dusty loves the sunshine and on warm, sunny days you will find him in the front bay window soaking up the sun.  He also loves to be brushed and can be quite vocal about it.  He will find you and meow until you follow him into his bedroom, where he jumps onto the window sill and continues talking until you get the brush.  He has trained Marjorie well and she brushes him at least twice every day.

Gentle Pet Protectors Owner Lisa cares for Dusty on a daily basis, providing in-home medical support and helping Marjorie with her needs as well.  She says Dusty has the longest legs and whitest fur she has ever seen.  As happens with a cat Dusty’s age, he has kidney disease and receives daily medications.  Lisa works to keep his weight up and administers daily subcutaneous fluids to help with the kidney disease.  She has developed a special relationship with Dusty through these daily visits and has observed the very special bond that exists between Dusty and Marjorie.  Lisa sees how Dusty watches out for Marjorie and is aware if Marjorie is having a bad day.  There is no doubt that Dusty is Marjorie’s guardian angel.

It was a lucky day when Marjorie and Dusty became a family.  He is such a special boy who receives so much love and care from Marjorie and Gentle Pet Protectors.  We are very happy to have both Marjorie and Dusty as part of our Gentle Pet Protectors family.