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Shelly – A Most Interesting Pet


Shelly is one of the more “exotic” pets that Gentle Pet Protectors cares for.   Her owners, Joe and Heather, reside in Dearborn and share her story with us:

Shelly is a four year old red footed tortoise.  She came to us, from a breeder in Alabama, as a baby; small enough to fit in the middle of our hand.  Over the years, Shelly has grown to be about three pounds of attitude and curiosity.  Ever the explorer, Shelly enjoys long walks on the lawn and hiding in shady places when she thinks no one is looking.  Although her primary diet is leafy greens, she really enjoys banana and mango on special occasions.  And nothing gets her out of her sleeping pot and over to her food plate like some worms! 

As Shelly has grown, she has really developed her own voice.  It is not uncommon to hear her chirp with joy when she goes for a swim or finds something tasty to eat; she’ll even chirp when she’s dreaming.  Shelly has brought a lot of joy to us and to whomever visits her, and we’re very thankful for GPP for taking such good care of her when we are out of town.

Her regular sitter Claudia says:   “I have really enjoyed caring for Shelly; she’s quite interesting and has a definite personality.  She always likes to pretend she is ignoring me when I come in, but nothing could be further from the truth.  She watches every move I make and if the daily menu contains worms, she really wastes no time in getting to them!”