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Meet Maddy


Maddy’s Story

We thought it might be informative to tell you about our client Maddy.  She is one of our younger clients, and as sweet as she is cute!  Maddy is a Miniature Schnauzer and was recently diagnosed with Megaesophagus or ME.  This is a condition found in humans, cats, dogs and horses where the esophagus is enlarged.  With animals, the food isn’t pushed into the stomach, and often stays in the esophagus where it is eventually regurgitated.  One of the primary dangers to a dog with megaesophagus is aspiration pneumonia.  Because the food stays lodged in the throat, it can often be inhaled into the lungs causing aspiration pneumonia.  

As a result of this, Maddy now eats in her own special chair, called a Bailey chair. This lets her to eat her meals in an upright position, allowing gravity to take effect. As you can see from her pictures, Maddy is quite content to have her dinner in her chair.  We are very happy to have this sweet girl and her brother and sister as part of the GPP family!