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March 2012 – A Family Affair

The Fishwick family of Dearborn are animals lovers…..seriously.   John tells us their story:

How many puppies are enough? Is it one – man’s best friend?  Or is it two – man’s best friend and another to keep the first one company?  Or is it four?  Hmmm.

Well – let me be clear – I have 2 dogs, Paris & Elliott, very cute and very sassy Maltese!  But sometimes it seems like I have 4, when my daughter’s dog and my son’s dog are over at the same time.  Never a dull moment!

My youngest daughter Emily – always wanted a dog growing up– but for several reasons we never gave in and got one. My oldest daughter Jessica did not really like dogs, and our son Scott had allergies and asthma that we were concerned about.   I don’t totally recall how this happened,  but we decided to get Emily a dog when she was a senior in high school so we could fulfill her lifelong desire to have a dog before she left for college.  Let me just say – BEST DECISION EVER!  I can’t imagine ever NOT having a dog in my life – they add an entirely different level of love and commitment to a family.

So Paris came first. She is a sassy female Maltese. Very loving if she knows and likes you – not a big fan of strangers, especially in her house – and she loves to nip at heels and toes!  She would much prefer to lay on her pillow and relax as opposed to taking a walk.  We joke that Paris wants to go on a carry, not a walk,  and carry her we do, good thing she’s just a little over 10 lbs.

Elliott joined the family next, because of course we thought Paris needed a friend during the day while we were gone, so he arrived as a birthday present for Allison.   I don’t think Paris liked Elliott much for the first year and at times we felt bad that Paris wanted to chill, but Elliott wanted to go, go, go.  But now, Paris & Elliott are inseparable, life partners!  Paris is ok when Elliott is not around, but if I take Paris somewhere and leave Elliott home, he is sad and howls at the door until she returns – he really misses her!  Elliott is just a bundle of love – he gives you the best welcome when you return – quite loud welcome too!  I say that he is so excited that he wags his whole butt not just his tail.

Post college, my daughter Emily spent 6 months in Alaska at Denali National Park.  While there she worked at the sled dog kennels, and that summer there were 32 Alaskan Huskies being cared for.  The park does maintain sled dog teams that work in the winter to patrol the park, and in the summer they show off their skills to the people who are fortunate enough to visit this beautiful area.  The dogs typically spend around 10 years at the kennels, and then are adopted by families for their senior years. This is how Aspen came into our lives.  Emily decided that she wanted her own dog (because Paris actually became MY dog) and adopted Aspen.  She has been with us 1 year now – arriving via a flight from Anchorage to Salt Lake City to Detroit Metro airport.  The first week she was with us, she was a little unsure of her environment and tried to take off a couple times.  And she really didn’t like those little white dogs that were part of her new family.  But now – she is a happy, loving addition to the family.  I love how she DEMANDS that Emily walk her in the evening – and she has the cutest ears ever!

Archer is the newest dog to join the pack – and lives in mid-town Detroit with my son.  Scott also wanted to get a dog of his own, and he found Archer at a rescue organization.  He was one of 7 puppies born to a female Beagle and a male Australian Shepherd (they think!).  He will have his first birthday in March, so he is still 100% puppy!   You will always know which one he is by the  kink in his tail and his gorgeous blue-green eyes – a very happy boy!

So there you have it – Paris, Elliott, Aspen, and Archer…. or as I affectionately refer to them – Pari, Elli, Aspi, Archie!  And I’m happy to say that even though Jessica does not have a dog of her own, she loves this crew and they love when Aunt Jessie visits!

We would like to thank Lisa, Claudia, Angie, and the crew at Gentle Pet Protectors for taking such good care of our dogs!  We truly couldn’t do it without you.

Sitter Claudia adds, “I look forward to the daily walks with these loving dogs.  I am always greeted with exuberance by Paris and Elliot. It is a contest between them to see who gets the most petting. Aspen comes running to me immediately because she knows she will get a treat.  I’m quite sure they have me trained!  We enjoy a walk which includes lots of sniffing and watching the squirrels, and afterward I sit with them and Paris and Elliott like to cuddle up on the couch with me.  How can you not love that?”