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February 2012 – Baby Girl & Sissy

Meet two of our new family members, Baby Girl and Sister, who belong to the Hren Family in Dearborn.  Their Mom Kathy shares their story with us:

We adopted Baby and Sister from the Michigan Humane Society 13 years ago. We were told that they had to be adopted together. This was AFTER we had already decided to take both. Our son, Jon, chose Baby, aka Baby Girl, or should I say she chose him.  In the back of the same cage Sister, aka Sissy Girl,  was sleeping in the litter box. We couldn’t leave her there, she was beautiful! We hadn’t intended on adopting two cats, but they quickly became the heartbeat of our family. My husband is allergic to cats, but I think he may be just as fond of them as I am.

Baby and Sister are from the same litter, however Sister is a classic Maine Coon with her gorgeous long hair and “snowshoes”.   She is quiet, but determined to get her way.   Sister is our “boat cat”.  At our summer cottage she will venture out onto the dock, jump into the boat and sun herself.  Baby (with the added alias of “Grey and White” for those times when she gets into trouble) has a mind of her own. She is the squeaky wheel of the duo, constantly vying for anyone’s attention.  Both are very loving. They are fantastic entertainers.

Our girls are horribly spoiled! They have various sleeping spots throughout the house.  A baby blanket tucked  slightly under the fridge is a favorite spot for Baby.  Sister is lobbying for a spot smack in the middle of our bed during the day. I sleep in a twisted Z position at night to accommodate their nightly spots. Yes, they rule around here, but they bring us much joy and we love them very much.

Baby Girl, believed to have been the runt of the litter, has been ill and receives two medications. Until recently this posed quite a challenge for us. I am now able to pill her without calling in the National Guard for assistance.

We are getting older ourselves and this year thought we should get busy living. But, what about the cats and Baby Girl’s need for her medications daily?!  Finding Lisa and Gentle Pet Protectors was nothing short of a miracle (one of many we have received lately, but that’s another story.)  We decided to visit my brother in the Florida Keys in January and fish our brains out. Knowing that Lisa would care for our beloved girls gave us (mostly me) great peace of mind. I didn’t worry one bit while I was hauling in the fish.  In fact we have planned another trip South in March.

Spring is coming and they will once again enjoy their time in the backyard. Baby will jump the fence on occasion, thinking she likes the neighbor’s yard better.  Otherwise, they stay in the yard and sun themselves on the driveway.

Thank you for allowing us to share Baby and Sister’s story with you!