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January 2012 – Lola & Tucker

Lola (l) and Tucker (r) are long-time members of the GPP family, and their mom Cynthia shares their story with us:

Both Tucker and Lola were adopted from the Dearborn Animal Shelter.  Growing up, I had a beloved beagle, Daisy and couldn’t wait to have my own dog.  In November 2001, Tucker entered my life.  We lived in a condo and enjoyed walking and playdates with all his doggie friends.   Seeing how much he loved playing with other dogs, I considered getting a second, but our small accommodations and eventual move out of state delayed that decision.  While living out East, Tucker enjoyed our weekly treks from our house in New York to the corporate apartment in Massachusetts.  He’s fabulous to travel with and loved the fact he had doggie friends in both places.   Finally, after moving back to Michigan in 2007 and fulfilling my promise to Tucker of a fenced backyard (complete with squirrels), we adopted Lola from the Dearborn Animal Shelter in August.  Taking Tucker to meet her they got along well from the start, even though he doesn’t always appreciate Lola’s in-your-face kisses.  They’re similar sizes, so they enjoying romping with toys in the family room and chasing each other around the circle of my house.  The backyard squirrels quickly learned that Lola has straight speed, but if they try to circle back, Tucker’s right there anticipating.  Thankfully, the bells on the door give them fair warning that the dogs are coming.  Since 2009, Claudia has stayed with them whenever I travel.  They adore her and love being able to stay home in their routines, with their Kongs full of treats and doggie friends next door.
Claudia adds, “I have been staying with Tucker and Lola since I started with GPP and I feel like they are part of my family.  They are the sweetest dogs, and are always so happy to see me when I come in the door.  We like to hang out together and watch tv, walk around the yard, and at night Lola curls up next to me and doesn’t move until morning.  They definitely love their kongs and I’m sure one of these days they are going to catch one of those pesky squirrels!”