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December 2011 – Ranger

Ranger’s Mom Kristin shares his story with us: In March of 2010 the Stepp family took an assignment in Singapore for 5 months and needed someone to watch their beloved dog Ranger. I had lost my previous dog in January of 2007 and I wasn’t quite sure that I was ready for another, but thought I might give it a try and went over to meet Ranger. As soon as I met him I was hooked! He ran up to me and rolled over so I could rub his tummy. A couple of weeks later he came to stay. We eventually settled into a routine and I thoroughly enjoy having Ranger in my home. Ranger’s owner’s assignment in Singapore was extended until the end of 2012 and although I hadn’t bargained on having a dog again full time, I couldn’t bear to give him up. In January of 2011 Ranger Stepp officially became Ranger Baker!

Ranger is truly a special dog. He is a bulldog/dalmation mix and has the sweetest temperament. Don’t let the pictures fool you – he is 85 pounds of pure muscle and thinks he’s a lap dog. He loves to run around the house and yard to burn off energy and is digging quite a big hole in the backyard which I lovingly call the “hole to Singapore”.
In November 2010, Ranger got quite sick and was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis which is a neurological condition where the body makes antibodies against receptors needed for normal muscle function. Lucky for Ranger, this condition is focused only in his esophagus and does not affect other muscles in his body. He has been responding well to the medication and we haven’t had a relapse in quite some time. As a result of this condition, I have to be very careful about what he eats and the types of toys and bones he can play with.

Ranger and I became a client of Gentle Pet Progectors in April of 2011 and I couldn’t be happier! With my hectic schedule I was concerned that Ranger wasn’t getting the attention and exercise he needed on a regular basis. Ranger gets so excited on Mondays and Fridays when Maya or Meri come to visit, and to be honest, so do I, as I have a little extra time to get home from work!

Ranger’s regular sitter Maya has this to say about this beautiful boy: I do begin and end the week with Ranger and it couldn’t be more perfect. I have been walking him since April of 2010 and we have become buddies. He always welcomes me with a song and dance, and the minute he sees his leash he knows to sit and get ready. On our route we befriend squirrels, other dogs and humans and they all love him. One wag of his tail and you are hooked…he is the most gentle dog I know and after every walk, treat and belly rub (he loves them), I hold his face in my hands and tell him he is just the cutest goof. He knows very well that he has got me wrapped around his finger!! It is a pleasure to spend time with him!