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November 2011 – Rocco & Lucy

Rocco & Lucy

Rocco & Lucy

Their Mom, Coryn, shares the story of these gentle giants: Rocco and Lucy came into our lives in April of 2008. We had recently lost our dog, Sonny, and were ready to take on a new family member. I had some free time one Saturday and decided to go to the Westland Humane Society, where I saw several dogs that I really liked. When I got home, my husband asked where I had been and I hesitantly told him that I stopped by the animal shelter. Jokingly, he asked if I had seen any Rottweilers there. I said, “Yes, as a matter of fact there were two, brother and sister, about a year and a half old.” He convinced me to go back and see them.

We visited with Lucy first and she was full of energy and very loving. We then visited with Rocco and found him to be a little nervous but a very nice, smart dog. We then had them both in the same room and they seemed to be calmer and very dependent on each other. We put a deposit down on both of them, with the intention of choosing only one of them. The next day we took our two sons to visit with Rocco and Lucy. It was love at first sight, and in a moment of insanity (on both my part and my husband’s), we agreed to take them both home. The Shelter told us that they had both come from the same litter and their original owner had purchased them when they were puppies. When they grew into big dogs, they were too much for the owner to handle, so they were given up together in the hope they would go to the same home.

Over the past 3 years we have done a lot of training with them. They are both very smart dogs and fairly well-behaved. Rocco is the more serious, a follow-the-rules kind of dog. All he wants is to be told what to do. Lucy, on the other hand, is more laid back and just decides to do her own thing. This is our first go ’round owning two dogs at the same time, but I don’t think I could ever go back to having just one dog again. They are so much fun! We walk every day and they love to play Frisbee and chase bird shadows in the back yard.
One of their favorite games is “Frisbee soccer” on the deck. I think the first time Lisa experienced “Frisbee soccer”, she was laughing hysterically. Lisa and Claudia have been a great help in watching our babies whenever we are busy on weekends. I am extremely grateful that we have found Gentle Pet Protectors to love our dogs as much as we do.

Sitter Claudia adds: when first seeing Rocco and Lucy, their size and breed fool you, for they are really the sweetest babies you can imagine. The only danger you are in is being “kissed to death”. When I come in they are always thrilled to see me and it really warms my heart. They would probably crawl into my lap if they weren’t so big. They love their dinner, their biscuits and play time in the back yard. The funniest thing is Rocco and his bubbles. Coryn keeps a bottle of kid’s bubbles on the back deck, and when I blow a string of bubbles into the air, Rocco goes on a “search and destroy” mission, leaping in the air over and over again to catch every bubble he can before they fall to the ground. You just have to see this big giant dog jumping and falling over himself to catch bubbles in his mouth. I always leave with a big smile on my face!